It’s tough being a small dog….

Jezebel the Chihuahua wrote in to say how much she misses Carol….

It’s hard being a small dog sometimes. Daddy has been very good today, taking me to the park and then to the Sirocco cafe in Annandale. See me in the picture below on my way to Sirocco after we parked the car. Image


Mummy has been fun to play with and I love jumping on her to leave my fluff on her clothing as a sign of affection! Here I am (below) after having a play with Mummy. Those are a pair of her outdoor sneakers and when I see those I know we are on our way somewhere.


It’s getting cold at night and going outside is not much fun for a puppy! Below you can see me showing Daddy how unimpressed I am with the cold outdoors. What is all that about the ‘great outdoors’?



Thankfully it is warm in the daytime and I can still get out and enjoy the lovely weather! I hope Carol is having a wonderful time in Europe so she will have lots of news for a puppy when she gets home.

Love Jezebel xx