Drones and selfies

Close up blackFor those of you who did not find my opinions on retro compact cameras (see ‘Epiphany’) all that interesting I say: “Good on you!” It’s wise to be a critical reader.

Today I’m going to chat about drones. To those technocrats who insist that these things are called ‘UAV’ or whatever, I say: “No one cares.” These guys at Zano, who are making one, call it a drone. So ‘drone’ will do me.

I frequently ‘drone’ on about these, as they are about to change our daily lives. Whether we like it or not, there will soon be swarms (perhaps literally) of these things around where people live. My bet is that drones will take up some of the technology used in the stalled ‘Google Glass’ experiment. Instead of wearing the tiny camera on the face, the Glass type technology will just fly around the owner (tethered electronically to his or her smartphone) in a tiny aircraft.

Potentially, one might be talking to a person while a small drone hovers above their head. Or, as shown in the Zano video clips, the drone is tasked to fly a short distance and take a ‘selfie’ photo. This shall be known as the ‘dronie’! Now that’s going to be awkward for anyone who thought ‘Google Glass’ was intrusive. Imagine, too, people cycling down the street with their personal drone in hot pursuit. The little drone will be there ready to record any traffic collision, and could even come and land on the prone cyclist when the battery is exhausted. This is all for real, and in the near future.

See: http://www.flyzano.com/gallery/