Cowra rail workshops


Above is a Cat V 16 engine from a rail motor. This engine is currently being rebuilt by dedicated volunteers from the Lachlan Valley Railway society. Read about the society here

Cowra rail turntable

This is a hand operated turntable – must be hard work turning the thing by hand – for moving rolling stock.

For those of you who travel to Cowra but are not interested in rail heritage, the Japanese Gardens are a peaceful alternative. Winter is not the best time to be there, but even in winter the gardens are immaculate:


My Review of Kodak Professional BW400CN, C-41 Process Black & White Negative Film ISO 400, 35mm Size, 36 Exposure,

Originally submitted at Adorama

Kodak Professional BW400CN, C-41 Process Black & White Negative Film ISO 400, 35mm Size, 36 Exposure,

Consistently good

By Doglet from Sydney, Australia on 8/21/2013
4out of 5

Pros: Scans Well, Reproduces Well, Processing, Consistent

Best Uses: Office, Action Shots, Artwork, Photojournalism, Home

Describe Yourself: Semi-pro Photographer

I have used this product extensively – mainly with a Nikon F3 or Nikon F100 – in bright daylight and also in poor lighting. The quality of print is consistently good. Sharp, great contrast and definition. It scans beautifully too. The ease of processing is another plus that makes this a good film to have in my bag.


Henry Lawson Centre, Gulgong, NSW

Henry Lawson Centre, Gulgong, NSW

I spent my time in Gulgong visiting the Henry Lawson Centre, interviewing one of the curators, and taking photographs.   A large selection of Lawson material is collected here, including some sent from Sydney when (I am told) the Henry Lawson society there closed down.

Just up the road from the well known wine area town of Mudgee, Gulgong is a quiet little historic town. Mudgee seems to be having a coal mining related economic boom and the central business district is quite busy every day. Gulgong was by no means deserted, but did not have the same high level of activity as Mudgee. In many ways that is a good thing.

Mudgee and Henry Lawson

Gulgong, New South Wales
Gulgong, New South Wales (Photo credit: Eat.Drink.See.Do.)
English: View of Mudgee, NSW showing the War M...
English: View of Mudgee, NSW showing the War Memorial Clock Tower of a Sunday morning when things had not yet got moving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Henry Lawson.
Henry Lawson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello readers,

Today it is off to Mudgee, to visit the Henry Lawson museum just up the road in Gulgong.  See to learn more about the town.

I’m hoping to capture some nice images there in pixel and on film. After some debate I decided to take my old Nikon F3. With a 50mm standard lens this camera takes some wonderful pictures ( see for Queen Victoria in black and white) so I will use it when I am not shooting digital.

I will post some photographs of Mudgee and Gulgong over the weekend. I will save the best for a little post processing work on Sunday night. Very exciting times!